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Review: Season One, Episode One


Ballet done badly

Watch Season 1 Episode 1 on CBC (Canadians only)

Welcome to KITH and Tell the podcast that started as a hair brained idea to rank all existing episodes of The Kids in the Hall but descended into chaos.

Today we're reviewing the first episode of the first season, which originally ran on October 24, 1989! This episode includes the following sketches:

  • Mark McKinny and Scott Thompson as teen girls freaking out over the fact that they called each other at the EXACT SAME TIME
  • The introduction of Mark McKinney’s ‘I’m crushing your head guy’
  • A ballerina skit where McKinney, as a posh ballet school teacher, pretends that clumsy and piggish Kevin McDonald is actually top of the class
  • Children of the Farmbelt, inspired by the impact of technology on their lives, salute the tractor.
  • Bruce McCollough is the cause of cancer, called out by Dave Foley.
  • A surreal and reoccuring/dream within a dream that Scott Thompson has about a pear.
  • The ‘Eradicator,’ where McCollough is a masked, over the top squash player.
  • McKinney as ahem.. a blues guy in black face (Mississippi Gary)...who is heart broken over McCollough’s Kathy with a K.
  • And McKinney bookends it by head crushing a kid who wants to be a businessman.

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