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We revisit every Kids in the Hall episode in a thinly veiled excuse for scattered friends to get girl drink drunk. Hosted by Kalyeena, Trevor, Hans, and Stu.

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Review: Season One, Episode Five


Hand Shaking

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Welcome to KITH and Tell: a reminder of just how much of our fucked up humour can be blamed on Kids in the Hall.

In this episode the sketches are:

  • Indian drum: a ridiculous rhyming short where a dull-witted Mark McKinney bemoans the loss of his drum - stolen by a frustrated Kevin McDonald.
  • That’s followed by the return of Mark McKinney’s headcrusher, who this time is taking aim at partiers trying to get into a club
  • Date negotiators: Bruce McCullough and Mark are Gerald and Gerald, two lawyers trying to reach a compromise for two dating clients with differing opinions on the duration and order of dinner, dancing and guaranteed sexual intercourse on date six
  • We’ve then got some juvenile humour from a skit about Grampa’s Poo, where a family celebrates Bruce’s character for having his first bowel movement in four years - only for it to be lost to the beloved dog.
  • Vacation: Where Scott Thompson’s naked body is described as a playground for families to enjoy a holiday, including the pool at the bottom of his back and the dark caverns of his nostrils...though it gets saucy when we get to the nipples
  • And the question we’ve all been asking: Are extraterrestrials dull? Dave Foley leads a spoof about alien abductions, where we learn about their boring TV habits, and preferences for alpaca wool blend cardigans.
  • Bruce then has a daydream, wondering about what it would be like if Elvis were his Landlord.
  • That’s all capped off with the headcrusher taking a break from his hobby to gallantly help a puking flathead home.

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