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Review: Season One, Episode Seven


 S1E7 - La Rut

CBC Link to the episode here.


Welcome to Kith and Tell, the podcast that answers the questions: what happened to Tony? Where is he right now? Who is he with? What is he thinking? Is he thinking of me? Will he ever return one day?

Today we cover Season 1, Episode 7, which originally aired on December 12th, 1989! Here's the sketches in the episode:

  • The introduction to the Hotel La Rut, where businessmen tip too well, and where French people hold parties and pine for old flames
  • The Odds: A skydiving outing that defies all the odds…. Unlike your marriage
  • A return to the Hotel La Rut, in which Dave shows how dangerous he can be
  • First Poem: An introduction to Bruce as an angry teen writing bad poetry for the first time
  • Fletcher Christian: A monologue from the much less famous shoe store managing Fletcher
  • A final (thank god) return to the Hotel La Rut
  • And a Surprise Party with a group of incompetent businessmen and a very patient party planner

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