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Review: Season One, Episode Eight



Today we're reviewing the 8th episode of the first season of The Kids in the Hall, which originally ran on December 19, 1989! CBC Episode link:

The sketches in this episode are: 


Ping Pong: Mark McKinney is an annoying spectator while the rest of the troupe plays rapid fire rounds of ping pong.

Pre-Vacation Family Blowout: Bruce McCulloch is an irate father anxious to get on the road to vacation, but his wife  - Scott Thompson - is worried about son Dave Foley not coming home and assumes he must have spent the night in a crack house. Hilarity ensues.

Chain Gang: An upmarket food critic is recognised by two characters from his past - when he was a criminal tied to a chain gang

Nobody Likes Us: Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald are a couple of downers, responding to a declined loan application by hanging themselves outside the bankers house, but fail to even do that properly. How depressing!

Buddy Cole is back: and this time he’s using dinosaur metaphors to paint of a picture of the characters overtaking the gay bars.

Interracial Couple: Where we’re again haunted by the Kid’s use of blackface - this time to aid a joke about how a Dave Foley’s character Susan is convinced her parents are racist against her black boyfriend Scott Thompson - but she’s just insane. They’re actually really lovely.


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