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Review: Season One, Episode Ten


Kevin and David Vaudville
Today we're reviewing the 10th episode of the first season of The Kids in the Hall, which originally aired on January 9, 1990! CBC Episode link:

  • Salt Confiscator - A security guard guard stops some hoopla… only in the end it turns out he was a salt thief.
  • Bad Straight Man - David plays an overly earnest vaudeville straight man.
  • Two Brothers and the Sister - Bruce and Scott play terrible brothers who need haircuts before they appear in court.
  • Farmer with a Tail - Another Mark yarn. This time he’s a farmer with a tail.
  • One Step at a Time - Taking things one clinging, stifling, needy, jealous step at a time.
  • Think I'll Go Eat Worms - The first appearance of the “nobody likes us” guys… they actually eat worms.
  • Bad Straight Man 2 - In which a previously funny sketch is ruined with a racist caricature.
  • The Moon - In which two young men think they are poetic, and David doesn’t know what to say.

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