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Review: Season One, Episode Sixteen


Mama Compensation

This week we are reviewing Episode 16 of Season 1 which aired on April 17, 1990. CBC episode link:


The sketches in this episode are:

How did this happen? Mark McKinney’s a harvard MBA grad who was on the fast track but ended up in the middle of the ocean floating on a barrel. Probably fair to be asking himself  How did this happen?!

IS HE? The Kathy’s try to figure out if the new guy in the office is gay - I mean he likes steak, but he suggested the wine!

And we get a whole lotta mayo this time with a trio of Thirty Helens agree - Great minds think alike, If you want to remember something, write it down and sometimes you’ve just got to agree to disagree

Manny Koon: Scott Thompson is a debaucherous artist with a tough past who made it big paintin’ tits

The Bass Player: Kevin McDonald profiles the man behind the bass - there’s sadness in that smile!

That is followed by Momma Compensation: Construction workers Bruce McCullough needs a break from work and takes a hammer to the head in order to get a chance to drink from the sweet teet of worker’s comp

And The Power of My Cock: police are ready to haul away a deluded husband who believes he is going to take over the world via the power of his cock. I mean, he has an anthem and everything!

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