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We revisit every Kids in the Hall episode in a thinly veiled excuse for scattered friends to get girl drink drunk. Hosted by Kalyeena, Trevor, Hans, and Stu.

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Review: Season One, Episode Nineteen


Monique the Pyro

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Welcome to KITH and Tell: the podcast for 20- and 30- somethings who can’t stop themselves from reliving a Canadian TV show they loved as tweens. In today’s episode, we’ll be reviewing Episode 19 from Season 1, which includes (drumroll):

  • Hey Baby!
    A cold open where some catcalling men dial it down to a whimper
  • Shark Hunter Brothers
    Wherein Kevin and Mark double down on blackface, and feel no remorse.
  • The Death of Rock
    Bruce will never stop rocking, and Dave will never stop harshing his vibe with his shit eating grins.
  • Pick Up Artist with Tarantulas
    In which some pet tarantulas try to intervene to stop a statutory rape, and get squashed
  • Girlfriends Leave the Country
    Where Dave and Kevin party like it’s election night of 2016, but then have to clean up like it’s 2020.
  • I Want My Foreskin Back
    An sketch for the intactivists among us! Scott joins the cause arguing against male genital mutilation.
  • Life’s a Pretty Sweet Fruit
    A sketch about how great Bruce’s life is, except it isn’t.

And finally……

  • Monique, the Pyromaniac
    Where a man-child Dave-boss can’t bring himself to fire the prostitute from Hotel La Rut driven to pyromania by her former flame, the French Artist Dave.


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