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Review: Season One, Episode Twenty


Fuck the Bank

Today we'll be reviewing Episode 20 of Season 1 which aired on May 30, 1990. CBC Episode link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got:


  • What is the Fat Man Doing Across the Road?  -- A whimsical excuse for a song
  • Pie-Eating Contest Love  - Couples talk about how they met (pie eating contest, public hanging)
  • Thirty Helens Agree: There's a time and a place to show photos of your kids & A Helen is a Helen.
  • Fuck The Bank  - The skit that taught a young Kalyeena the most versatile word in the English Language.
  • "Nobody Likes Us" Guys on a Date- Where the kids stoop to gross-out humor once again
  • Buddy: I'm Canadian  - title is self-explanatory
  • The Real Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly was really an asshole who died because he insisted on a monkey flying a plane.
  • Dr. Seuss Bible  - Sacrilige! Because of this sketch, this episode is the only to not really live on in repeats in the USA.

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