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Season Two, Episode Two


Simon and Hecubus

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 2 of Season 2 which aired on October 2, 1990. Episode Link:

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got:

  • Musical Gun Barrels: Some cops play "O Canada" on their guns.
  • French Trappers: The introduction of the French-Canadian trappers! They murder businessmen for their suits.
  • Cabbage Head Wants A Date: The platonic ideal of a Cabbage Headsketch.
  • Three installments of Firing Chris: Scott Thompson has some creative ways to do a firing of Bruce. Dave hires, and then immediately fires, bruce. And then Bruce is fired in a police line-up.
  • The Happy Loner: Mark plays a loner with a stubbed toe that he’s letting fester.
  • Proof of Evil: The first Hecubus sketch?!?! If Hecubus is sleeping, how can he hear me? Maybe because he's lying
  • Buddy Cole Plays Softball: Buddy manages the a lesbian baseball team, Sappho Sluggers.

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