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Review: Season Two, Episode Three


Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 3 of Season 2 which aired on October 9, 1990. Episode Link:

Sizzler Sisters

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got:

  • Making Up the News: news anchorman cracks up (Channel 7 News Team)
  • Two Clearly Insane People: Sizzler sisters' lounge act (Jerry & Jerry Sizzler, Channel 7 News Team)
  • Kathie's Dream: Kathie wins Miss Canadian (Kathie, Secretary???, Cathy)
  • Not Allowed to Smoke in the Subway: two friends on subway platform
  • Crying Anchorman: sad news (Channel 7 News Team)
  • The Phone: a phone rings
  • Cucumber Salad on Face: executive has cucumber salad on face (Robert)
  • The Phone: phone rings incessantly (Jerry & Jerry Sizzler)
  • The Phone Show/Touch Paul Bellini: Touch Paul Bellini Contest (Paul Bellini)

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