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Review: Season Two, Episode Four


Nutty Bunnies

Today we're reviewing Episode 4 of Season 2 which aired on October 16, 1990. Episode Link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got:


  • Nutty bunnies: thwee widdle nutty bunnies get unmasked and forced to admit that they are in fact just a bunch of college guys
  • Buddy Cole: Stopped smoking and bought a bar named Buddy’s, rifles through the tabloids and speculates on gay celebrities!
  • Police Department: Turns out Mark is still mad because Bruce shot a guy (but just a little….)
  • Blind date: Mark McKinney emerges as the incredibly frustrating Daryll who really sucks on dating, being nonchalant and identifying the chablis
  • Another Police Department: The boys bemoan how their favourite car leaning positions give them a crick in the neck. It’s hell being a cop, eh.
  • Yes dear: Mark is a pathetic husband who has been ground down by years of nagging by his wife Dave Foley and is pushed to the edge by her annoying parrot
  • Police Department: Mark asks Bruce to give a police report, describing Mark running naked through the woods “and feeling free and alive for maybe the first time in his life”
  • The bill: Bruce is a disgruntled restaurant customers who asked for his bill 40 minutes ago, he doesn't want it now, he  wanted it an hour ago. AHH YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!

The Chase: Policemen Mark and Bruce finally get a chance to chase down some escaped convicts, but are always just one step behind before losing them at the state line

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