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Review: Season Two, Episode Five


Chicken lady 

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 5 of Season 2 which aired on October 23rd, 1990. Link to the episode on CBC:

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 


  • Jury of Ex-Girlfriends: Where Bruce is accused of being an asshole
  • Standoff: A Police Department sketch where Bruce and Mark Protect and Serve the local real estate market
  • Buddy Cole In Jail: In which Buddy regales us with the tale of how he killed a drag queen with a hair pin while on acid
  • Insane Bank Robbery: Where the Sizzler sisters return to create romance and deposit a check
  • Nice Day: Another helping of delicious Police Department mayonnaise
  • Chicken Lady Blind Date: The introduction of the Chicken Lady! And her voracious appetites… 
  • Hash Dealers: In which Kevin narcs on some harmless dealers and gets what’s coming to him
  • Locked Key Inside Car: Our final installment of the Police Department triptych 
  • Life’s Greatest Moments: Where Kevin lists some of life’s wonderful experiences, and finally:
  • A Trial Where Nobody’s Guilty: A story of a judge who’s maybe not as cynical as Mr. District Attorney. 

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