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Review: Season Two, Episode Six


Nude Frolicking

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 6 of Season 2 which aired on October 30, 1990. Episode link here:


Let’s kick things off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 

  • Speech By A Boring Author: Where Kevin, gives a reading of The Heavy Pen, his latest book about.... Hmmmm… welll let’s see here…. uhhh…. ohhh… lunch time!

  • Animal Rights Commandos: Bruce, Mark, Scott (Shona, Axel, Ozone) are Humanoids for Humanism, who try and fail to liberate a self-pleasuring ape from animal testing.
  • Losing Hair: Where David plays a diner at a fine dining establishment whose hair goes missing during the course of his meal. As it turns out, the manager of the restaurant has stolen it.
  • The Nasty Break-Up: Bruce and Mark play a couple who has just broken up and struggle to be adults about the whole situation.
  • Buddy Cole In The Woods: Buddy spots a naked male nymph in the forest. He says “that’s not something you see every day. Well, I do.” The end.

  • Bad Anecdote Guy: Wherein Scott plays some sort of psycho who doesn’t understand normal human interaction, and keeps saying “Good night… I’m joking!”
  • Theo the Teacher: Dave plays a cool teacher who wants you to call him out on his bullshit whenever you see it, and is only a little addicted to heroin.

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