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Review: Season Two, Episode Seven


Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 7 of Season 2 which aired on November 6, 1990. Episode link here: 

Let’s kick things off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 

  • Lady is a Tramp: Oblivious Old Timey Dave romances a prostitute, featuring Scott in a rare sexy (?) drag character. 
  • Meet the Geralds: Bruce’s Gerald has lost his touch, Mark’s Gerald has an apprentice Dave
  • I'm English: Scott does a modified Manny Koon monologue about how people gotta learn to speak English.
  • Lady is a Tramp Part II: the romancing continues.
  • Painting A Chair: First appearance of Bruce’s Gavin! Those guys sure smoked!
  • The Lack O Trust Blues: Kevin does an Elvis-ish manwhore musical number; Bruce plays Tex’s long suffering wife, who seems a lot like a Kathy Variation. The reason your relationship is faltering is because you don’t trust me enough, baby! Makin’ me wear my wedding ring.
  • Lady is A Tramp Part III: No, Grandpa’s not crying. Even the greatest romance experience the fading of passion. Featuring an amazing Kevin bit as the geriatric pimp.

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