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Review: Season Two, Episode Nine


Pregnant Bruce?

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 13 of Season 2 which aired on December 4th, 1990. CBC Episode link:


Today’s episode has the following sketches:

  • Bust the Queen: where a couple of good cops talk about a common cop’s dream.
  • Head Crusher in Physical Therapy: in which a couple of street toughs injure our hero’s hand, and he’s forced to find the strength to come back
  • Don't Love My Dad: a touching tale of being honest with your parents


  • Abusive Drunk Dad: where Kevin turns what should be a therapy session into a comedy sketch
  • S&M Pair: in which Mark and Bruce explore the more mundane aspects of being into S&M
  • Shelly Long: the cops are back with their burdens on their minds and the names of actresses on the tips of their tongues
  • Knocked Unconscious: Kevin hits his head and suddenly becomes cabbagehead 
  • Shelly Long 2: where Mark’s hanging out, drinking milk, and Bruce gets his memory jogged
  • Gavin Pestering Mom: Gavin is back! And he sure is annoying! But is he funny?
  • Couple Disowns Son: In which the Kids act out what they imagine their parents wished they’d done when they were kids
  • Ever Beat Up Your Dad?: In which the Kids act out how they now feel about their parents as a results



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