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Review: Season Two, Episode Twelve


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 12 of Season 2 which aired on March 5, 1991. CBC Episode link:

This episode includes: 

  • Police Department: Where Bruce admits he just really wants a bubble back - because sometimes in the middle of a hostage taking you have to think about your OWN needs.
  • Kevin Sleeping: Where Kevin admits he’s the least favourite Kid but tries to wow us with how good he looks in front of a fridge light while sucking on a pickle
  • Exposing The Affair: Sister in law Scott Thompson forces wife Dave Foley to confront her husband Mark about a well known affair with his mistress. Her attempt to attack his deflection results in Hildegard admitting he had his own chance with her on prom night. Not a great sketch but did anyone catch that these are Bobby’s parents?
  • Stand in the New Style: A very 90’s rap music video about people standing in weird positions and talking like...pirates?
  • Vegas: On a faraway planet, a son asks his father about the place they call Vegas. It’s soon revealed that father Mark was MC Johnny Go who was heckled out of the strip, and his son soon learns how easy it is to fall prey to stage fright. 
  • Christ As Carpenter: Archaeologist Dave Foley reveals artifacts proving that Jesus was a pretty shitty carpenter, who made two-legged tables and chairs with no back support
  • Police Department 2: Mark’s Daughter Wants To Be A Cop, Too but she’s probably a bit too young
  • Bathroom Support Group: Where a group of men are trying to give up their addiction to urinating.

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