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Review: Season Two, Episode Thirteen


Noir novelist

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 13 of Season 2 which aired on March 12th, 1991. CBC episode link:

The sketches from this epsiode are: 

We’ve got: 


  • Good Cop Bad Cop: Where the police department works on their traffic control skills
  • Phone Sex: In which a drunk and sexually adventurous Scott has some explosive phone sex with the Chicken Lady
  • Spit Real Far: Our fact-toting girl is back to tell us about her uncles’ expectorating prowess
  • Children’s Novelist: Where Kevin struggles with the plot of his latest novel, and the murderous jealousy of a beautiful blonde played by Scott
  • Good Thing About Being a Cop: In which we learn that apparently cops get paid well?
  • He Sells Shoes: A sketch where we meet a much more evil version of Fletcher Christian (“Brown? I’m quite well stocked in the colour of cowards!”)
  • Faggo: Where Scott solves the problem with a gay slur
  • Bigfoot: More facts from our favourite girl about the talents of a mysterious creature
  • Blues Man Heckler: Mark wears blackface again why is Mark wearing blackface again seriously can we stop it with the blackface I just wanna laugh at a dumb sketch comedy show
  • In Love for 45 Years: Fact girl shares with us a touching tale of romance

  • Really Boring Suicide Note: Bruce’s suicide note is way too long

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