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Review: Season Two, Episode Fourteen


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall episode 14 of Season 2. CBC episode link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 


    • Do you have the report: Where bruce throws up a report onto the wall.


  • Simon & Hecubus: The Sleep of ages 1: Where SImon and Hecubus hypnotize Tony Henderson into thinking he’s a chicken
  • M. Piedlourde Court un Marathon: In which M. Piedlourde enter a marathon, but it takes him a year to complete it… because his feet are heavy! 
  • Jazz Music: In which Bruce explains that he hates the sound that Jazz instruments make when they're being manipulated by Jazz players to the delight of Jazz respondents. I think of it as musical barf.
  • Simon & Hecubus: The Sleep of ages 2: In which it is revealed that the sleep of ages did not turn Tony Henderson into a chicken.
  • Touch Bellini #1: Wherein the winner of the Touch Paul Belinni contest is revealed. It was Rebecca Klatka, of St. Petersberg Florida.
  • The Affair: Where Bruce has an affair, making a cuckold of Darill. It’s a good excuse for a lot of face-making
  • M. Piedlourde Essait l'Auto: Where M. Piedlourde test drives a car but it goes too fast… because his feet are heavy! 
  • Queen to Queen: Where buddy shares correspondence with the queen.



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