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Review: Season Two, Episode Sixteen


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 16 of Season 2 which aired on April 2, 1991. CBC Episode link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got:


  • One of these five men have something interesting to say: but they don’t and neither does the narrator
  • The Cincinnati Kid: Bruce is looking for the Toronto kid, but strict succession rules means he’s about to get into fisticuffs with a newborn baby
  • Career-ending moments in show-business part 1: Anti-communist folk band called the Leslie De Gaulle trio fails to make it big with their song “Root ‘em out Joe” about the 1950s anti-Russian McCarthy-era  
  • Our new filler segment: 30 second stories (consisting of Magnetic joe, and Going to the zoo)


  • The Time: Lady Bruce misinterprets Dave Foley’s request for the time, resulting in us seeing the full arc of a pseudo-affair on that subway platform set


  • Career ending moments in show-business part 2: Dave Foley is a famous actress who accidentally thanks Hitler during her award acceptance speech


  • A relaxing trip to the farm: How do you mentally escape the stresses of work? Businessman Mark McKinney takes a mental road trip to the farm and comes back with a chicken in town
  • Scandalous weekend: Scott Thompson’s Cathy character decides to grab life by the horns and stumbles into a black disco club on a Friday night. She orders a triple zombie, gets picked up by a handsome banker and teaches his friends a highland dance. She’s a changed woman.

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