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Review: Season Two, Episode Seventeen


Rebecca Klatka touches Paul Bellini

Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 17 of Season 2 which aired on April 9, 1991. CBC Episode link:


Today's episode review covers: 

  • He’s Gonna Give Away $1000 Dollars: A rousing song from Mark about how Scott’s gonna give away a stack of greenbacks and a knuckle sandwich
  • Ticketing Car: Where one of the Cops is forced to give himself a ticket
  • Decorator Demon: In which Kevin mulls over whether he wants his living room to be a space for passively watching TV or doing battle with the dark forces
  • The Head Crusher Duels the Face Squisher: A challenger appears for some prime head crushing turf!
  • The Shortest Tubes in New York: Where Bruce and Kevin talk about how small their dongs are
  • The Touch Paul Bellini Contest Winner! Paul Bellini flies to St. Petersburg Florida to meet Rebecca Klatka and be touched by her with a small stick
  • Visiting Grave of Ticket Recipient: Another Cops sketch that probably should have died on the cutting room floor
  • The Governor and the Hooker: Where a Governor can’t get his groove back until the kindly hooker tells him a personal tale of woe
  • Good Fucking Ham! One of the iconic Kids sketches where Bobby goes on the run after challenging his old man over the quality of his mom’s ham steak. 
  • Decorator Demon 2: An outro sketch where we see the dynamic of the relationship between Paul and his demon play out

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