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Review: Season Two, Episode Eighteen


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 18 of Season 2, which originally aired on April 16, 1991. CBC episode link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown…. We’ve got: 


  • Plot to Kill Cabbage Head: Returning eco-feminist warriors Shona, Axel, and Ozone decide Cabbage Head must die.


  • The Chain Letter: Businessmen discuss a disturbing piece of mail which could bring them great fortune or ruin them.


  • Plungers: Where Bobby’s father recounts the tale a glorious plunger salesman


  • Cabbage Head Is Murdered: Shona, Axel, and Ozone kill Cabbage Head.


  • It’s a fact girl: Bragging Aliens  -- One that I’m sure Stu has something to say about


  • Grocery Store Line-Up: In which Kevin freaks out in a grocery line. Mark’s Melanie falls in love with the impatient Kevin.


  • Spoon-head Party: Weston Esterhazy's Hollywood spoon-head movie "Liza's Party."
  • Cabbage Head is Born-Again: - Cabbage Head talks about his religious conversion on a talk show.

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