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Review: Season Two, Episode Twenty


Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 20 of Season 2 of Kids in the Hall, which aired on May 7, 1991. CBC episode link:

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown…We’ve got: 

  • Charades  - a man is smothered to death in plain site while everyone loses their shit at charades
  • Annoying Kid at the Butchers  - in which Gavin prices meat while his mom gets a makeover and learns how much his head would sell for if it were prime veal. 
  • Police Department. The cops keeping hearing about sexism on the force, but are oblivious to the patriarchy
  • WHO’S TO BLAME! The AT&Love Boss looks for someone to blame for the bad weather that ruined his company baseball game. 
  • Police Department: Where Bruce learns that everyone thinks about cloud shapes and he’s not hallucinating
  • Toaster. Scott and Bruce are two preppy boys that feign interest in an old woman’s souvenirs so that they can beat up her appliances.
  • Faux-Pas - Kevin manages to offend a deaf person, a woman having an affair and his wife’s boss who was a former hostage all at the same party! How the hell was he supposed to know?!
  • Police Department: Mark bemoans the fate of his ex partner ...who retired, got fat and bald and moved to Florida 
  • "Great Sex" - Where Mark plays a string of messages on his answering machine from women and the bank confirming he is good at sex. 

  • Tube Top of Justice: As she walked over the horizon, lawmakers quipped, and the teenage boys stared, for she was wearing...the tube top of justice. 
  • Retelling a Complicated Foreign Film: A man in a bar tries to explain a complicated Francesca Fiore movie and we get lost in the plot

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