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Review: Season Three, Episode One


My Pen!

Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 1 of Season 3 of Kids in the Hall. CBC Episode Link:

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown…We’ve got: 

  • Men’s Nipples - Scott, playing the same businessman as in the man boobs sketch, wants his wife Kevin to pay his nipples more attention. But… MEN PEE THROUGH THEM.
  • Story of a Dead Guy -  Mark and Scott discuss a film about a murder, while guarding a dead body.
  • My Pen!  - Bruce plays a bank teller who loses a pen he had loaned to Kevin.
  • Celebrity Encounters - Dave and Kevin discuss and small "C" celebrities like the Osmands, and the time that Mickey Rooney entertained Dave.
  • COPS: Withstanding Blatant Abuse - A man yells at the one cop, but the other doesn’t interfere because he thought they knew each other.
  • Cabbie 2: Road Rage - Kevin gets another cabbie who shoots other cars, delivers a package, and picks up other fares.
  • Strip Club  - Mark’s chicken lady and Kevin’s bearded lady attend a strip show with Rooster Boy.
  • Cabbie 1: Blame for Blue Jays Loss  - Kevin gets a Cabbie played by Mark who blames "certain people"  for the Blue Jays losing. Back in Europe, certain people always made problems.
  • Man Boobs: Dave and Scott are hanging out in a sauna, and Dave asks if he's always had breasts, or if they are new.
  • Can Anyone Fly a Plane? An intro where flight attendants burst into restaurant to find out if anyone

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