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We revisit every Kids in the Hall episode in a thinly veiled excuse for scattered friends to get girl drink drunk. Hosted by Kalyeena, Trevor, Hans, and Stu.

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Review: Season Three, Episode Two


Today we’ll be reviewing Episode 2 of Season 3 of Kids in the Hall. CBC Episode Link:


Paperclips... I just need some paperclips

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown…We’ve got: 

  • Clothes Make the Man (Fag!): dunk on the haters with a bear
  • Can’t Sleep 1: I think Gordan and Fran’s son is a drug addict
  • Dog Trainer: Kevin is tricked by a dog. 
  • Relationship Section: a meandering sketch about not getting a break up featuring what could be a grown up Gavin.
  • Painting with Darryl: nobody respects Darryl, or public access television
  • Sleepwalking 2: Gordan almost illustrates a moment of tenderness but it was a dream. Married life bad. 
  • Girl Drink Drunk: a clear eyed statement on addiction and the dangerous path opened by chocolate choo choos

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