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We revisit every Kids in the Hall episode in a thinly veiled excuse for scattered friends to get girl drink drunk. Hosted by Kalyeena, Trevor, Hans, and Stu.

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Review: Season Three, Episode Four


Welcome to KITH and Tell: A podcast about Kids in the Hall to keep you entertained and amused while you wait in one of life’s many long lines!

Look at me!

This week, we’ll be reviewing Episode 4 of Season 3 which aired back in 1991. CBC episode link:


So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….This week there was got: 


  • Golf: A cold open where Dave hates on golf because he’s no good at small talk
  • The Earrings are His: Where the boys from the office wear the shame of their cheating hearts
  • The Flying Pig!: In which we’re introduced to the magical flying pig!
  • Canada Abandons the Monarchy: A public address from Queen Elizabeth to beg us to stay
  • The Flying Pig 2: The flying pig is back to entertain some more people stuck in a line
  • The Oscars: Where the theatre is scorned in favour of heartwarming shlock 
  • The Flying Pig 3: Which is the best Cops segment in a long while
  • Polite Axe Murderer: Where Dave asks for a loaner axe from his victims’ next door neighbour
  • Flying Pig 4: In which the Flying Pig meets his end, and everyone feasts in his honour

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