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Review: Season Three, Episode Nine


Buddy in Paris


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 9 of Season 3. CBC Gem link for our Canadian listeners:

Let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 

  • COPS: Old Lady Falls Down  -- And Old Lady (Scott) pepper sprays Kevin when he tries to help her up after falling, and the cops both agree they shouldn’t get involved.
  • Sketch Artist  - Dave is a sketch artist who is able to draw people he’s never seen based only on the sound of their voice. The sketch is bad but as it turns out very accurate. Kevin is also dressed as a vegas showgirl “for a cheap laugh.”
  • The Babysitter --- Gavin falls for his new babysitter, Natalie, who also loves long winded trivia stories. By this point in the 3rd season, Gavin’s mere appearance results in 15 unbroken seconds of wild applause from the audience.
  • Mr. Heavyfoot Puts on his Pants --- Monsieur Piedlourde requires harnesses, lifts, and wires to get dressed.
  • Buddy Cole in Paris  - Buddy cole! Falling in Love in Paris is such a cliche.
  • Street singers - a couple of guys who sing in the street for money sing the same song again and again with different lyrics. (Cutting out our coupons, etc)
  • Mr. Heavyfoot Hates the Movie  -- Monsieur Piedlourde gets up from a movie in disgust, but still leaves late.
  • Macaroni and Cheese  - The Street singers are eating macaroni and cheese & get a lifetime supply of mac and cheese, catsup, and tapeworm food.

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