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Review: Season Three, Episode Ten


Spakin' Grandpa

Today, we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 10 of Season 3 which aired in 1991 - the same year as the failed Kremlin coup. CBC episode link:


Let’s take a trip through our sketch rundown. We’ve got: 


  • It’s a fact: a gag about how you CAN squeeze blood from a stone, by throwing a rock at a dumb guy’s head

  • Wanna see a dead body: the best way to turn around a boring date

  • Scott Clones himself: a three part installment where Scott’s vacation clone is trying to come on to the other cast members, which the other kids find both flattering and traumatic

  • Executive spank grandfathers: Turns out lawyers Gerald and Gerald can’t meet for their business lunch until they finish punishing their eldery grandpa’s for bad photocopying and using the vaccum as a toy…

  • Minimum wage: Bruce revives fuck the bank guy with a rant about working for the lowest amount of cash legally possible

  • Stereo bargain: A stereo salesman struggles to haggle with a college student only willing to spend a dollar

  • It’s a fact girl is back: and her uncle is having a mental breakdown

  • Navy captain: Kevin is an incompetent cruise ship captain who hired his navigation expert for his lovely blonde hair and ended up in the Arctic

  • It’s a fact girl: she’s demanding more money, forcing Mark to fill in

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