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Review: Season Three, Episode Fourteen


Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 14 of Season 3. CBC Episode link:


Must have slipped my mind


Sketches from this episode:

  • Poems by the emperor of Japan: Mark unfortunately does yellowface as a Japanese emperor who is really bad at coming up with good haiku’s
  • Mother’s funeral: Gavin’s back! His mom’s dead, but his dad’s temporarily out of jail and has found him a new mom
  • King of Empty promises: Kevin plays Dean, a sociopath who keeps breaking his promise to return a colleague’s video because it slipped his mind
  • Questions to Bruce: Bruce gives some practical advice for how to break into acting and comedy, like “sleep is not your friend” and “it's very important to let liquor be the wind beneath your wings”  
  • Scar shaped like a swastika: Dave’s back as the incompetent doctor, who has left a Swastika shaped scar on his patient
  • Scott’s in love: Scott’s in love with all of the Kids, but only individual parts

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