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Review: Season Three, Episode Eighteen


Old Yeller

Today we’ll be reviewing Kids in the Hall Episode 18 of Season 3. CBC Gem episode link:

So let’s kick off with our sketch rundown….We’ve got: 

  • A short opening that gives us a dramatic on-stage rendition of the end of Old Yeller (featuring a dog covered in shaving cream)
  • Porn Star Employee: Danny Husk is fired by his boss when he finds he has moonlighted as porn star Blade Rodgers, but only because he wants to produce more of his magical films
  • What If Guy: Mark imagines 10 ways to to stand up an obnoxious rube Bruce, and still gets punched in the face
  • Vice: Buddy Cole reviews how far your vices should go with an essential piece of advice: “moderation within reason”
  • Old Yeller 2: A reprisal of the Old Yeller ending, but with the dog replaced by the baby born at Woodstock 
  • Rod Torfulson’s Armada: High school band Armada is bulldozed by Rod’s dad who eventually pushes the group to rename itself: Rod Torfulson’s Aramada featuring Herman Menderchuck
  • Horsey is Your Daddy: where posh daughter Dave is told that “horsey” is actually her dad. But the real treat here is this is yet another dramatic ending to Ol Yeller. Blood spattering ensues.

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